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Problem description 3: Generation of questions

There is even more: Algebra describes the Exclusive OR (XOR) function in a natural way, while CNL reasoners still don't implement its linguistic equivalent: conjunction “or”. CNL reasoners are therefore unable to generate the following question:

> Given: “Every person is a man or a woman.”
> Given: “Addison is a person.

• Logical question:
< “Is Addison a man or a woman?

Everything in nature is connected. However, it seems as if linguists and mathematicians have never wondered how their respective fields are connected. Because almost 2400 years after Aristotle, scientists haven’t made any progress in understanding the logic of language.

In my experience, linguists are willing to research the logic of language, but mathematicians aren't. Mathematicians think that logic is about numbers. They are wrong. Logic is about natural intelligence. And laws of intelligence are found in for example natural language.

Like a programming language, also natural language has structure words and variables. The structure words of language – which in this document are printed in blue – have a naturally intelligent, logical, structure-providing function in language. The following structure words of language will be illustrated in this challenge document:

Possessive verb “has/have” (Block 1, Block 2 and Block 3), past tense verbs “was/were” and “had” (Block 4), conjunction “or” (Block 5) and definite article “the” (Block 6).