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Problem description 3: Generation of questions

There is even more: Algebra describes the Exclusive OR (XOR) function in a natural way, while CNL reasoners still don't implement its linguistic equivalent: conjunction “or”. CNL reasoners are therefore unable to generate the following question:

> Given: “Every person is a man or a woman.
> Given: “Addison is a person.

• Logical question:
< “Is Addison a man or a woman?

So, 2,400 years after Aristotle, scientists don't even understand the basics of natural intelligence and natural language:

Words like definite article “the” (see Block 6), conjunction “or” (see Block 5), possessive verb “has/have” (see Block 1, Block 2 and Block 3) and past tense verbs “was/were” and “had” (see Block 4) have a naturally intelligent function in language.