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The theory of Thinknowlogy

Download the design document in English (updated: April 30, 2013):
The theory of Thinknowlogy.pdf

Other languages (updated: April 30, 2013):
Die Theorie der Thinknowlogy.pdf (German)
• La teoría de Thinknowlogy.pdf (Spanish)
La théorie de la Thinknowlogy.pdf (French)
A teoria da Thinknowlogy.pdf (Portugese)
De theorie van Thinknowlogy.pdf (Dutch)

1 Introduction

• Is it possible to attain more from computer software than just improved computations, the storage of your files and the automation of business processes?
• Will we ever be able to make internet searches by asking questions of our search engines instead of using single or a combination of single words?
• Will computers ever be able to deal with natural language?
• Computers are able to process data. But will computers ever process information? In other words: Will we ever be able to automate information?

Many attempts have been made to have computers ‘think’, but without a concept as basis for these attempts, these remain useless. With a well thought out concept as base, you have a chance to achieve the goal.