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Download instructions for Thinknowlogy 2018r4 (New Science)

• This software uses Java. In order to install or upgrade Java, go to Java Runtime Environment and follow the instructions;
• Make a choice between the available file formats: zip or 7-Zip. (For Windows 7 and Windows XP, download the 7-Zip version);
• Download file Thinknowlogy2018r4 by clicking the Download button with the file format of your choice;
• Now extract the downloaded file. It doesn't matter in which folder the file is extracted;
• Start Explorer (for files) and go to the extracted folder, called Thinknowlogy2018r4;
• Here you will find Java archive file Thinknowlogy2018r4. Double-click on this file to start the program;
• The documentation and the source code of the program (in Java as well as C++) are included;
• This program applies software license GPLv2.

Download Thinknowlogy 2018r4 (New Science) (size: 11 Mb)
Download Thinknowlogy 2018r4 (New Science), open with 7-Zip  Thinknowlogy2018r4.7z (size: 8 Mb. Install 7-Zip program first).

Release date: November 29, 2018.

Updated documentation:
Scientific challenge - Beat my Controlled Natural Language reasoner.pdf
(updated: September 22, 2020)
The Logic of Language - Reverse-engineering the language center of our brain.pdf
(updated: September 22, 2020)

Documentation, already included in the download:
The theory of Thinknowlogy.pdf (date: April 30, 2013)
Technical notes on Thinknowlogy.pdf

Theory in other languages (updated: April 30, 2013):
Die Theorie der Thinknowlogy.pdf (German)
• La teoría de Thinknowlogy.pdf (Spanish)
La théorie de la Thinknowlogy.pdf (French)
A teoria da Thinknowlogy.pdf (Portugese)
De theorie van Thinknowlogy.pdf (Dutch)

Thinknowlogy 2021

will be published in November 2021. It will contain part 6 of an internal redesign. See my planning for the other planned publications. Follow this project on Twitter, subscribe to project updates on GitHub or SourceForge, or receive an email when a new version is available.

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God has created laws of nature to make his creation run like clockwork. It includes: Laws of Intelligence that are naturally present in Language. Thinknowlogy implements these natural laws of intelligence in software.