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Download Thinknowlogy 2014r2 (Deepest Thought)

Download instructions:
• This software uses Java. So, go to Java Runtime Environment and follow the instructions in order to install or upgrade Java 7 or 8;
• Then use the Download button below to download zip file Thinknowlogy2014r2;
• Now extract this zip file. It doesn't matter which folder the file is extracted;
• Start Explorer and go to the extracted folder, called Thinknowlogy2014r2;
• Here you will find file Thinknowlogy2014r2 in Java. Double-click on this file to start the program;
• Documentation is included, as well as the source code of the program (in Java as well as C++);
• This program applies software license GPLv2. (5.6 MB, publication date: October 23, 2014) (5.6 MB, starts in Spanish, date: October 23, 2014)

Updated documentation:
AI and NLP – a fundamental approach.pdf (date: November 22, 2014)
Inside Thinknowlogy.pdf (date: November 22, 2014)

Documentation (already included in the download):
Will computers ever understand the human language.pdf (date: 19 October, 2014)
The theory of Thinknowlogy.pdf (date: April 30, 2013)
(Download the design in other languages)

Additional documentation:
Project Gutenberg - An Investigation of the Laws of Thought - by George Boole.pdf
(1.4 MB, November 30, 1853)

The development of Thinknowlogy has been ended

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All systems are designed: All artificial systems are designed by humans • All natural systems are designed by God.

God has designed laws of nature to make his creation run like clockwork. Also natural language is subject to laws of nature: natural laws of intelligence. Thinknowlogy implements these natural laws of intelligence in software.