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A fair practice of science

Science literally means "knowledge" or "all we know". However, some fields in science have become institutes of assumptions, where baseless approaches are accepted and even invalidating facts are subordinate to theories.

In the last 150 years of science, assumptions are more and more accepted as the truth in these fields, without proof. And in particular regarding the evolution theory, scientists are not always fair when it comes to proven and invalidating facts:

Evolution has never been located, and the process happening in DNA/genes can be explained by (reduced down to) degeneration: a loss of quality and functionality in genes, the exact opposite of what the evolution theory assumes. The evolution theory is not more than a concatenation of assumptions, without direct proof.

The devastating effect of those concatenated assumptions:
• Humans are degraded to "evolved animals";
• Intelligence is degraded to instinct;
• Semantics is degraded to filtering down information to interest fields;
• Artificial Intelligence is degraded to mimicking and simulating intelligent behavior;
• Research in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing lacks progress and depth, because they are at deepest based on the evolution theory. (However, Thinknowlogy proves: There is logic contained within grammar. And a logical system is designed, by definition);
• The myth of the existence of extraterrestrial life: Life on the moon is invalidated by after several moon landings and life on Mars is invalidated after several missions to Mars. Besides that: The existence of aliens is never confirmed independently;
• Fear of domination by extraterrestrial life or computers/robots/Singularity: microbes -> vegetation -> animals -> humans -> aliens or computers. (Nonsense, because aliens don't exist and computers can not evolve by themselves, ask the development department of their manufacturers);
• etc.

Science is (or should be) about researching fundamentals. So, where is that fair practice of - and objective view on - science in those fields?

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Thinknowlogy 2014r2

will be published in November 2014, and will add negative conclusions and extended family definition. See my planning for the other planned publications.

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All systems are designed: All artificial systems are designed by humans • All natural systems are designed by God.

God has designed laws of nature to make his creation run like clockwork. Also natural language is subject to laws of nature: natural laws of intelligence. And these natural laws of intelligence can be implemented in software.