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A fair practice of science

Science literally means "knowledge" or "all we know". However, some fields of science have become institutes of biased assumptions, where baseless approaches has been accepted and even invalidating facts are subordinate to theories. Such a practice is in conflict with any Code of Conduct on scientific research.

The devastating effect of the evolution theory:
• Humans have been degraded to evolved animals;
• Artificial Intelligence has been degraded to simulation of behavior, by which innovation - an artificial implementation of natural intelligence - is blocked;
• Knowledge technology (semantics, meaning) has been degraded to linking of keywords, by which innovation - the artificial implementation of natural meaning - is blocked;
• The myth of the existence of extraterrestrial life is kept alive to support the theory of evolution: “If it can happen here, it can happen anywhere”;
• Also the fear of domination by extraterrestrial life, computers, robots or so-called “emergence of super-intelligence” is kept alive to support this invalid theory: microbes → vegetation → animals → humans → What's next? Super-intelligent computers? Aliens?
• All sorts of excuses are invented to keep the theory of evolution alive: Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Black Holes, the strings of String theory, the inflaton particle of the Inflation theory, the Oort cloud of the Oort cloud theory, the Multiverse (multi-universe) of the Multiverse theory and macro-evolution of the evolution theory, neither of them can be observed by definition. And what is not to be observed, can't be proven, neither refuted. That is not science, but deception. For example, the Dark Matter theory conceal the galaxies rotate too slowly to be explained by the Big Bang theory. And the Oort cloud theory must conceal the fact that no new comets arise, while they live much shorter than the (fictional) billion years of the Big Bang theory.

Science is – or should be – about researching fundamentals, not about worshiping theories. I therefore invite anyone with an LinkedIn-account and an open mind, who is striving for – or longing to – a fair practice of – and objective view on – science, to join my LinkedIn group Fair Science, in order to support a fair practice of science.

Evolution: The Evidence (You Usually Don’t Get To See)

Together it’s a thourough examination of all the evidence for evolution. You may need to rethink everything you have learned about it. Watch these videos on YouTube and decide for yourself if evolutionary theory is a good theory:
Evolution: The Evidence - Episode 1: Operational vs. Historical Science
Evolution: The Evidence - Episode 2: Living Fossils
Evolution: The Evidence - Episode 3: Alternative To Evolution?
Evolution: The Evidence - Episode 4: The Evolutionary Timeline
Evolution: The Evidence - Episode 5: Artist Impressions
Evolution: The Evidence - Episode 6: Lucy
Evolution: The Evidence - Episode 7: Neanderthals
Evolution: The Evidence - Episode 8: Whale Evolution
Evolution: The Evidence - Episode 9: Cladogram
Evolution: The Evidence - Episode 10: Bird Evolution
Evolution: The Evidence - Episode 11: Junk DNA
Evolution: The Evidence - Episode 12: The Fish That Walked
Evolution: The Evidence - Episode 13: Embryos, Predictions and Experiments
Evolution: The Evidence - Episode 14: Dating A Fossil
Evolution: The Evidence - Episode 15: A (Pre)Cambrian Rabbit
Evolution: The Evidence - Episode 16: The first cell
Evolution: The Evidence - Episode 17: A Pretty Ugly Prediction
Evolution: The Evidence - Episode 18: Bad Design

Thinknowlogy 2015r1

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Join my Fair Science networking group on LinkedIn to support a fair practice of science.

All systems are designed: All artificial systems are designed by humans • All natural systems are designed by God.

God has designed laws of nature to make his creation run like clockwork. Also natural language is subject to laws of nature: natural laws of intelligence. Thinknowlogy implements these natural laws of intelligence in software.