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4.7.3. Free will and morality

Humans separate from animals by having a spirit, which provides humans a free will and a set of morals. Spirits – being supernatural – are by definition not bound by laws of nature. Therefore, spirits can't be caught in machines, which are bound by laws of nature. So, a machine will never have a spirit; a free will and an autonomously controlled set of morals like humans have.

John Searle is right on his Chinese room thought experiment that computers will never have a mind and consciousness. But he also claims that computers can at best simulate intelligent conversations. So, he didn't think of the possibility that (Natural Laws of) Intelligence embedded in Grammar can be used to artificially implement natural intelligence in computers in regard to natural language. Assuming that “understanding” is the ability to organize knowledge autonomously, his argument that “if there is a computer program that allows a computer to carry on an intelligent conversation in a written language, the computer executing the program would not understand the conversation either” shows the limitation of his mind.