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AI and NLP – a fundamental approach

(the downfall of the evolution theory as the assumed origin of intelligence and language)

Download the fundamental document:
AI and NLP – a fundamental approach.pdf (date: June 23, 2015)


Mathematician George Boole 1 published in 1853 “An Investigation of the Laws of Thought”, in which he described a systematic relationship between language and logical thought. He described this relationship in the form of algebra, by which he considered the field to be a fundamental science. (A fundamental science investigates natural laws and logic.)

Around the year 1956, the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and knowledge technology was started. The field is considered a behavioral or cognitive science, which researches behavior. However, there are a few reasons to believe that the current approach to AI and knowledge technology has a fundamental problem:

• Intelligence and language are natural phenomena. Natural phenomena obey laws of nature. And laws of nature are investigated by a fundamental science, while the field AI and knowledge technology is considered a cognitive science;
• In addition, the field AI and knowledge technology still has no fundamental (natural) definition 60 years after its start. It is possibly a consequence of the above, that the field is considered a cognitive science, rather than a fundamental science;
• A science integrates its disciplines. George Boole proved a systematic relationship between language and logical thought, while the current integration of both – language and logic – has remained at least underexposed:
     • Reasoners (like Prolog) are able to reason, but their results – derived knowledge – can't be
   expressed in readable and automatically constructed sentences;
    • Chatbots and Virtual (Personal) Assistants may well produce understandable sentences,
   but they are unable to reason logically. Even more, they are only able to select a human-written
   sentence in which they fill-in a user-written keyword;
    • Controlled Natural Language (CNL) systems are very limited in integrating both disciplines.
• I am applying the scientific method, researching the way nature works in regard to intelligence and meaning. The techniques developed by my fundamental approach, result – in my opinion – in a higher degree of integration of both disciplines than the techniques taught by science.

What if George Boole was right? What if intelligence can be defined by laws of nature? What if language appears to obey natural laws of intelligence? Wouldn't such a fundamental approach speedup progress in the field of AI and knowledge technology?

1 At the age of 17, George Boole had a mystic experience in which he felt God called on him to explain how the mind processes thought. He decided to do this in a mathematical form, for the Glory of God.