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AI and NLP – a fundamental approach

(marking the downfall of the evolution theory as the assumed origin of intelligence and natural language)

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AI and NLP – a fundamental approach.pdf (date: November 1, 2014)


A science is either a cognitive science, or a fundamental science:

• Cognitive sciences study natural behavior, and describe this behavior in behavior models, after which can be predicted where and when a specific behavior will occur;
• Fundamental sciences study natural phenomena, and describe the fundamental laws of nature according which a specific natural phenomenon occurs, after which can be predicted where and when that natural phenomenon will occur.

More than 160 years ago, George Boole considered thoughts (intelligence) and natural language a fundamental science, obeying laws of nature. In his work An Investigation of the Laws of Thought, George Boole described natural language as algebra (laws of logic).

Almost 60 years ago, scientists considered the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and knowledge technology to be a cognitive science. However, they fail to describe intelligence (for AI) and meaning (for knowledge technology) in behavior models. Wouldn't the lack of a definition explain the lack of progress in this field? Can fundamental results be expected if a field has no foundation?

What if George Boole was right? What if the field of AI and knowledge technology is actually a fundamental science? What if naturally occurring intelligence can be defined in a natural way – based on natural laws – after which can be predicted exactly where and when intelligence naturally ensues? Wouldn't such a fundamental approach speedup progress in the field of AI and knowledge technology?