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A fundamental approach to AI and NLP

(marking the downfall of the evolution theory as the assumed origin of intelligence and natural language)

To download this paper:
A fundamental approach to AI and NLP.pdf (date: 7 April 2014)

Thinknowlogy in a nutshell

Intelligence is a naturally occurring phenomenon, which basically is defined by: autonomously organizing. Semantics / meaning is a subset of intelligence, which is defined by: autonomously associating (combining) and autonomously discriminating (differentiating).

The word autonomously is used in both definitions, and should be defined as well: Autonomy is utilizing a natural source.

From aggregating both definitions (of intelligence and autonomy), can be concluded: In order to artificially implement naturally occurring intelligence – which I define as Artificial Intelligence – we need to find natural sources of intelligence.

A natural source of intelligence will hold Natural Laws of Intelligence. And implementing Natural Laws of Intelligence in artificial systems will be similar to implementing (Natural) Laws of Physics in artificial systems, e.g.: An electric torch is an artificial implementation of (Natural) Laws of Physics, in order to produce artificial light (not being emitted from a natural source of light like the sun).

I found a natural source of intelligence: grammar. And I have identified at least five Natural Laws of Intelligence in grammar, which I am currently implementing:

• Conjunction “or” defines a choice;
• An indefinite article (in English: “a”) defines a structure;
• A definite article (in English: “the”) defines an assignment;
• General verb “am/is/are/was/were” defines general logic;
• Possessive verb “has/have/had” defines possessive logic.

The implementation of these Natural Laws of Intelligence drive a set of structuring algorithms in my system, in order to autonomously associate, autonomously discriminate and autonomously archive the knowledge in its knowledge base. These actions are defined as semantics / meaning. They are a subset of natural intelligence. And I define the implementation of natural intelligence in artificial systems as Artificial Intelligence.

This paper starts by pointing the root cause of this scientific failure (Chapter 1). Chapter 2 categorizes and describes the current state of AI and knowledge technology, after which the fundamental approach of Thinknowlogy and the limits of AI will be described (Chapter 3). And finally the evolution theory is invalidated (Chapter 4).