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2.2.1. Example: Autonomous generation of questions

Not a single scientific paper describes automatically generated questions in a generic way (=through an algorithm), like:

> Given: “Every person is a man or a woman.
> Given: “Addison is a person.

• Generated question:
< “Is Addison a man or a woman?

The implementation of this kind of automatically generated questions is extremely simple when Laws of Intelligence that are naturally found in the Human Language are used:
• A Law of Intelligence that is naturally present in Language: Conjunction “or” has the intelligent (Exclusive OR) function in language to separate knowledge;
• Given “Every person is a man or a woman” and “Addison is a person”;
• Substitution of both sentences: “Addison is a man or a woman”;
• Conversion to a question: “Is Addison a man or a woman?”.

Note: In most cases, a conjunction separates a series of words of the same word type. In this case, a series of singular nouns.