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For over 5 years now, I am defying anyone to develop a system able to deliver the same results as Thinknowlogy. So far no one succeeded, because it requires to define intelligence and to identify Natural Laws of Intelligence in grammar. Above all, current techniques in the field are unfit to implement Natural Laws of Intelligence.

Thinknowlogy is grammar-based software,
designed to utilize Natural Laws of Intelligence in grammar,
in order to create intelligence through natural language in software,
which is demonstrated by:
Programming in natural language;
Reasoning in natural language:
      • drawing conclusions (more advanced than scientific solutions),
      • making assumptions (with self-adjusting level of uncertainty),
      • asking questions (about gaps in the knowledge),
      • detecting conflicts in the knowledge;
Building semantics autonomously (no vocabularies):
      • detecting some cases of semantic ambiguity;
Multi-grammar, proving: Natural Laws of Intelligence are universal.

Thinknowlogy is open source. So, everyone can benefit

Although in its infancy - accepting a limited grammar - Thinknowlogy already has results which no technique in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) can deliver:

Preserving the meaning: The current approach to knowledge technology is based on the processing of keywords – at best topped with a sauce of grammar – by which crucial information from the sentences is lost irrevocably. Then (in vain) attempts are made to reconstruct the meaning afterwards, by using semantic vocabularies, statistics, etc. Thinknowlogy is entirely grammar-based. It preserves the meaning throughout the system, by which no reconstruction is required;
Reasoning in full sentences: The current approach to Automated Reasoning is limited to keywords. Only Thinknowlogy is able to express its reasoning output in full sentences;
Autonomous structuring of unstructured texts: IBM's Watson needs raw CPU power "to find a needle in the haystack of unstructured texts" (quote from IBM), because scientists fail to implement autonomous structuring of unstructured texts. Thinknowlogy however, utilizes Natural laws of Intelligence in grammar to autonomously structure its knowledge base;
Detecting some cases of semantic ambiguity: Disambiguation is considered the biggest problem of NLP. The implementation of detecting some cases of semantic ambiguity is my first step to a solution. At the end of 2016, I will implement and publish solving of some cases of semantic ambiguity.

Thinknowlogy 2015r1

will be published around May 2015, and it will add Spanish grammar. See my planning for the other planned publications.

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All systems are designed: All artificial systems are designed by humans • All natural systems are designed by God.

God has designed laws of nature to make his creation run like clockwork. Also natural language is subject to laws of nature: natural laws of intelligence. Thinknowlogy implements these natural laws of intelligence in software.