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2.3. Knowledge technology

The quality of a system is determined by the quality of its output, divided by the quality of its input. The quality of the current approach to knowledge technology is very bad: Rich, meaningful sentences in, artificially linked keywords out (which may be filled-in on the blanks of human-written sentence constructions).

To prove the poor state of the current approach to knowledge technology: You will not find any system – other than Thinknowlogy – able to convert a sentence like “Paul is a son of John” to “John has a son, called Paul” – and vice versa – in a generic way (=through an algorithm). Both sentences have the same meaning. So, it is possible to convert one sentence to the other, and back.

Only if the involved laws of nature are understood, one is able to convert light to electricity and back, motion to electricity and back, and so on. In the same way, converting one sentence to another – while preserving the meaning – requires to understand the (Natural Laws of) Intelligence embedded in Grammar. However, not a single scientific paper supports the mentioned conversion in a generic way (=through an algorithm).

In its infancy, Thinknowlogy only accepts a limited grammar. However, its output has (almost) the same quality as its input, which is a quality ratio of (almost) 100%. It proves: Thinknowlogy preserves the meaning.