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3. The theory of evolution is not scientific

Financed by taxpayers, science is about serving society, by researching the fundamentals of nature, based on facts and observations. However, in some fields of science, facts and observations have become subordinate to fictional theories (belief systems). As a consequence, none of the fictional phenomena – claimed by these believes – can be applied to daily life, by which these fields don’t serve society anymore.

In contrast, the field of electromagnetism is scientific – based on facts and observations – because its manifestations – electricity, magnetism and light – can be generated, and applied to daily life. In this way, the field of electromagnetism serves society.

However, none of the claimed phenomena that are exclusive to the theory of evolution – or its derivative theories – can be generated, nor applied to daily life.

Or the other way around: None of the applications to daily life is exclusive to the theory of evolution or its derivative theories.

Most of the claimed phenomena of the theory of evolution – and its derivative theories – are not observed. Examples:
String theory, the assumed strings aren't observed;
Dark energy theory, the assumed dark energy isn't observed;
Dark matter theory, the assumed dark matter isn't observed;
Multiverse theory, the assumed 'other' universes aren't observed;
Oort cloud theory, the assumed Oort cloud isn't located, and therefore isn’t observed;
Extraterrestrial life theory, the assumed extraterrestrial life isn't located, and therefore isn’t observed;
Transition of Kinds theory, none of the assumed transitions of kinds (like: rock minerals → microbes → vegetation → animals → humans) is ever observed.

And the phenomena that are claimed to be observed – like the Higgs boson and gravitational waves – can’t be invoked, generated or captured, by which they can’t be applied to daily life:
• Scientists are unable to harvest energy from the assumed gravitational waves;
• Scientists are unable to power space rocks by the assumed dark energy;
• Scientists are unable to explode another universe;
• Scientists are unable to evolve life from dead material.

As long as we – humans – are unable to create life from dead material, the origin of life can only be believed. And as long as we – humans – are unable to create another universe from scratch, the origin of the universe can only be believed.

Science is not based on beliefs. Therefore, the origin of life and the universe themselves are not part of science. And therefore, the theory of evolution and its derivative theories – including the assumed phenomena – are not scientific. Instead, they are part of a religion:

Science is about observed phenomena, while religion is about unobserved phenomena.