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3.2. Overwhelming evidence...

Evolutionists claim there is “overwhelming evidence” for the theory of evolution. But they just take ordinary observations, and claim they are proof of macro-evolution, while the assumed macro-evolution itself can't be observed. For example, no one has ever observed the hatching of a turkey from a chicken egg.

To illustrate how this unscientific method goes wrong, we can claim there is “overwhelming evidence” for Santa Claus too:

• Advertisements forecast his coming;
• Then he appears everywhere at once;
• Presents are given;
• His address is known: North pole 1;
• You can meet him in person;
• And if you post/mail/text/app a message, you will get a response.

But we all know: Santa Claus is just a belief. So is macro-evolution, and the rest of the theory of evolution. It is a belief.