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My planning for future publications:
End of this month: Internal redesign (part 2)
May 2018: Project Babylon
Nov. 2018: Internal redesign (part 3)
May 2019: Internal redesign (part 4)
Nov. 2019: Internal redesign (part 5)
May 2020: Internal redesign (part 6)
Nov. 2020: Additional reasoning constructions
May 2021: Answering of "has/have" questions
Nov. 2021: Answering of "what" and "who" questions
May 2022: Answering of "why" questions (finding causal relations)
Nov. 2022: Guided by Grammar (alternative input method)

Do you have a request? Do you want me for example to add a certain language?
Feel free to file a request.

Thinknowlogy 2017r2

will be published at the end of this month. It will include the second part of an internal redesign. See my planning for the other planned publications. Follow this project on Twitter, subscribe to project updates on SourceForge, subscribe to project updates on GitHub or receive an email when a new version is available.

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God has created laws of nature to make his creation run like clockwork. It includes: laws of intelligence embedded in grammar. Thinknowlogy implements these natural laws of intelligence in software.