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3.1. The theory of evolution is a religion

Science is about observed phenomena, while religion is about unobserved phenomena.

God himself can't be observed, neither can the claimed phenomena of the theory of evolution – and its derivative theories – be observed. So, both are religions.

However, evolutionists are moving away from anything observed in nature, because everything in nature proves its intelligently designed origin. Instead of researching the way nature works, evolutionists are creating a web of invented theories – ever increasing in complexity – without any application to daily life. And thus, without any practical benefit for those who finance the theory of evolution: the taxpayers.

The theory of evolution is nothing but an interpretation of the past, that fails to contribute to the future. It only contributes to itself: An even more complex web of theories.

In contrast with evolutionists, creationists are aware that their religion is not scientific. And they recognize that nature is intelligently designed. So, they are determined to research the way nature works. If there is any truth in their belief, creationists will continue to make new discoveries in nature, which they will apply to daily life, for the benefit of all.

Creationists expect to find in nature: laws, logic, order, structure, unity and natural selection (evolution) within one species. While evolutionists expect to find chaos, complexity and self-improving evolution in nature. So, evolutionists are not prepared when creationists find laws, logic, order, structure and unity in nature, like the Natural Laws of Intelligence embedded in Grammar that I have discovered.

The theory of evolution is a religion, because it assigns great deeds to a person / power / process that can’t be observed.