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The rules of this challenge

• There are 6 blocks to beat the most basic techniques of my system. Your implementation should deliver the results of at least one block listed below;
• Your implementation should not have any prior knowledge. Instead, it should derive its knowledge from the input sentences of the examples listed below, from natural language, through an algorithm, to natural language;
• Preferable: The nouns and proper nouns of the listed examples are unknown upfront. (I use grammar definitions and an algorithm instead of a words list);
• Your implementation should be implemented as generic as can be, in such a way that all examples of this challenge can be integrated into one single system. The reasoning screen shots of my CNL reasoner illustrate how multiple reasoning constructions reinforce each other. The screen shots of this challenge show the execution by my software of the examples listed below;
• Your implementation should be published as open source software, so that its functionality is transparent. My software is open source too;
• Your implementation should be accepted by a scientific committee (conference or journal);
• In case your results are slightly different, you need to explain why you have chosen differently;
• It is an on-going challenge, until all blocks have been scientifically accepted;
• I am the jury.

Your rewards

• A small gesture from me: € 250 for each scientifically accepted block;
• You will be the first one to have described in a scientifically accepted way, the logic of language that I have discovered.

You can contact me via LinkedIn.