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3.7.1. Spreading fear for super-intelligence

Evolutionists are unable to define intelligence in a natural way (as a set of natural laws), and they are unable to design super-intelligence. Instead, they hope – or fear – that evolution will eventually evolve super-intelligence in machines. So, in their world view, evolution can accomplish things that they can’t do. In their world view, evolution is supernatural. And believing in a supernatural entity is called: a belief, a religion.

Actually, the theory of evolution is the only religion that spreads fear for super-intelligence. Religions like Judaism, Christianity and the Islam officially believe that respectively Yahweh, God and Allah has created life and the universe. On the other hand, Hinduism and Buddhism have no explanation for the origin of life and the universe. In search for an answer, some of them combine their religion with the religion of evolution, including the fear for super-intelligence.

Nevertheless, let's assume that we should fear super-intelligence because of Moore's Law. In that case, super-intelligence will first operate in slow-motion, and getting pace later on. Then we have enough time to “pull the plug”.

But what if a robot gets out of control? A robot has no mind of its own. It is just a machine. And machines have a manufacturer. So, it will be same as any other machine getting out of control: You switch it off and sue the manufacturer for delivering an unsafe product. The only problem: How to insure damage caused by autonomously operating machines?