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3.8. Summary

   Fundamental science
   (researching logic and laws of nature)
   Cognitive science
   (researching behavior)
   Wright brothers: Laws of Physics, based on
   “Inspired by nature”: feathers and
   flapping wings
   Airplane    Flight simulator
   Definition required    No definition required
   Artificial implementation of natural laws of
   Simulation of behavior
   Natural intelligence: to independently group,
   separate, archive, plan, foresee and learn
   from mistakes.
   Programmed intelligence: Humans are
   the only intelligent factor.
   In natural language, knowledge and logic are
   combined: Keywords – mainly nouns and proper
   nouns – provide the knowledge, while the other
   word types provide the logical structure.
   In knowledge technology, artificial
   structures are applied to keywords,
   while the natural structure of sentences
   is ignored.
   Natural meaning: to independently group,
   separate and archive knowledge.
   Trying to reconstruct the meaning by
   linking keywords.
   Integration of disciplines:

   > Given: “Every person is a man or a woman
   > Given: “Addison is a person
   • Generated question:
   < “Is Addison a man or a woman?
   No integration of disciplines
   Disambiguation    Ambiguity