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3.8. Summary

   Fundamental science
   (researching logic and laws of nature)
   Cognitive science
   (researching behavior)
   Wright brothers: Laws of Physics, based on
   “Inspired by nature”: feathers and
   flapping wings
   Airplane    Flight simulator
   Definition required    No definition required
   Artificial implementation of natural laws of
   Simulation of behavior
   Natural intelligence: to independently group,
   separate, archive, plan, foresee and learn
   from mistakes.
   Programmed intelligence: Humans are
   the only intelligent factor.
   In natural language, knowledge and logic are
   combined: Keywords – mainly nouns and proper
   nouns – provide the knowledge, while the other
   word types provide the logical structure.
   In NLP, artificial structures are applied to
   keywords, while the natural structure of
   sentences is ignored.
   Natural meaning: to independently group,
   separate and archive knowledge.
   Trying to reconstruct the meaning by
   linking keywords.
   Integration of disciplines:

   > Given: “Every person is a man or a woman
   > Given: “Addison is a person
   • Generated question:
   < “Is Addison a man or a woman?
   No integration of disciplines
   Disambiguation    Ambiguity