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2.1 A Definition of Generalization / Specification

A person organizes his or her thoughts by grouping things together; this we call generalization. The meaning of generalization is actually: Separating the main point from supporting facts. The main points are called the generalizations and the supporting facts are the specifications.

The process of separating the generalizations from the specifications begins with the most basic use of language. For example, use the sentence: “John is a person.”.

John” is the subject and “person” is a property, which tells more about who “John” is. In other words, “John” is the generalization of the specification “person”, because the word “person” describes something about “John”.

More specifications of John:
• “John is a father.
• “John is a baker.

In the above mentioned sentences the article “a” has been used: “John is a person.”, “John is a father.” and “John is a baker.”. In the Thinknowlogy Concept we call this structure a generalization / specification definition.