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3.1.1 The Creation of New Words

Take the sentence: “John is a father.”.

The system must first recognize the words, “John” and “father” before the structure can be built up. Therefore, if the words do not exist in the system, or if they are not of the correct grammatical type, these words must first be created.

The word “John” begins with a capital letter and is the first word in the sentence. This could be a proper noun or another grammatical type as the original word does not need to begin with a capital letter.

In this case, two words are created:
• “John” as a proper noun;
• “john” (without capital) as an unknown grammatical type.

In the building up of the knowledge structure only one of the two words is used. After which, the unused word is deleted so that the system does not become cluttered. Later we will discuss this further.

The word “father” is preceded by an article, so the grammatical type is clear: a noun.

In the sentence, “A glass is full, half full or empty.” it is not clear what grammatical type the words, “full”, “half full” and “empty” are. It is assumed, however, that they are all three of the same grammatical type.