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NederlandsEnglish The Creation of a Specification Assignment

A specification assignment with a specification collection can only allocate one of the situations at a time when the conjunction “or” is used in the sentence.

Take the sentence “A glas is full, half full or empty.” and the situation (assignment): “The glass is half full.”.

If the glass is then emptied, the situation changes to, “The glass is empty.”. The assignment connection from “glass” to “half full” is then is then deactivated, through which this assignment is interpreted as being in the grammatical Past Tense form. After which an assignment connection from the word “glass” to “empty” is created in order to record that the situation of the glass is “empty” now.

Multiple assignments per Generalization
A specification assignment can have several assignments. For example, two assignments can be true at the same time, “The glass is empty.” and “The glass is blue.”.

An assignment with multiple relations
In the case of a specification assignment with more than one relation, a specification assignment is created for each relation.

Two comments:
• In the sentence, “John is the father of Pete and Mary.”, the conjunction “and” indicates that both relations are joined together and can both be true at the same time;
• Even if you later say later, “John is the baker of Paul.”, the above mentioned assignments remain active, as “father” and “baker” do not form a collection.