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3.2 The Creation of a Selection

Just as the generalization / specification the selection is also an important founding element of the knowledge-structure.

In order to build up the knowledge-structure of a selection, all generalization / specification structures must first be created from which the selection is built. Next the condition in the condition list the action in the action list and the alternative action in an alternative action list are all saved.

Take the sentence: “If the traffic light is yellow or red, you must stop, otherwise you must drive ahead.”.

First the generalization / specifications, “The traffic light is yellow or red.”, “You must stop.” and “You must drive ahead.” are created. Next, the sentence “The traffic light is yellow or red.” must be added to the list of conditions and be assigned to the related action and the alternative action. “You must stop.” would be added to the action list and “You must drive ahead.” would be added to the alternative action list.