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NederlandsEnglish Acceptation of Recognized Sentence Structures

In the earlier explanations, we saw that in order to change sentences into a knowledge-structure, a new concept, per sentence structure (generalization / specifications, assignments and selections), is necessary to translate the information from the sentences into the knowledge-structure. We have also seen that these sentence structures are saved in a grammar file.

Thus, the system can only accept sentence structures that are saved in a grammar file, because the system only has the concept for the specific information of that type of sentence, which is needed to translate it into the knowledge-structure. This is definitely a limitation of the system as we would prefer that it could read all possible sentence structures and be able to translate them into the knowledge-structure.

The ultimate goal of this project is to develop as many sentence structure concepts as possible, so they will translate the specific sentence structures into the knowledge structure.

It will obviously be a difficult and lengthy process to fulfill this goal, however the results will ensure the possibility of automatic processing and the reality of a 'thinking' computer comes nearer.